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October Meeting Presentation – Judy Leonard

At the Slidell Art League October 13, 2015 meeting, our presenter will be master gardener, Judy Leonard. Judy has won many awards for her plants and artistic arrangements. She has also competed consistently in the SAL Art & Bloom exhibit and won. In the last Art & Bloom show, in which members created their own arrangements, the judge indicated that we did not know enough about flower arranging. Hence, Judy Leonard will give us some tips to enable us to grow more beautifully. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and will happily be held again in our usual spot on Seventh Street in the meeting hall of Christ Episcopal Church.

2015 – October Artists of the Month Winners (Select Picture to View Larger)

2015 – September Artists of the Month Winners (Select Picture to View Larger)

SAL – 2015 Artists of the Year Show

Click here SAL Invite AOY 2015 for more information on the Show

Profile Pict - Colleen Marquis MASTER Artist Statement – Colleen Marquis:  As a self taught artist, Colleen Marquis creates art that builds on natural talent as well as her incessant interest in exploring new ideas. Born in and a native of Louisiana, she started drawing at an early age and has spent many years learning new techniques self taught through her own explorations into the world of art. Her work includes paintings in watercolors and oils, extraordinary Pen and Ink drawings and creating three dimensional pieces made with mosaic tiles. Her work has been featured in many juried exhibitions and has won numerous awards including purchase awards. Traditional ideas combined with extraordinary talent have resulted in many fine pieces of artwork.

Profile Pict - Beth Dewenter APPRENTICEArtist’s Statement – Beth Dewenter:  After I scaled the palace wall in the dead of night, I escaped the sultan’s harem and fled to Bay St. Louis where I found refuge in an art shoppe. A watercolor class was in progress, and wanting to blend in, I picked up a brush and splashed color onto paper following the teacher’s lead. I had no idea mixing colors on paper could be such fun. I wanted to do this on my own. After all, how hard could it be? And I would need a new wardrobe.
Dressing up in baggy, paint-stained scrubs was the perfect disguise to evade the sultan’s minions, and my adventure with painting began. In my previous life as a high school English teacher, books were my first recourse for information. Books. I bought lots of books on painting. Supplies. I bought lots of supplies, too. But the biggest influence on my burgeoning interest in art was the internet.  Jerry’s Artarama offered free courses on painting. This lead inexorably to buying DVD’s and eventually to enrolling in subscription classes online. Watercolor led to acrylics which culminated in oils.  Since my great escape in 2011 until now, becoming an artist is a joyful journey that has no end.

Matt MonahanArtist’s Statement –Matt Monahan: Dad, Wood Carver,  Tree Hugger, ArboristResides on the Northshore in eastern St. Tammany Parish.  I have worked with wood for many years, always fascinated by the grains and colors exposed in freshly cut logs.   Inspired and encouraged by others, I’ve gone in many directions, building furniture, clocks, walking sticks, etc., always knowing there was something there, but not quite finding it.  Then upon watching someone carving figures with a chainsaw, and seeing the possibilities, I was drawn into a new avenue I didn’t know existed.  First inspired by nature; – animals, birds, and creatures sprouted all around the house.   The faces of children and the expressions of others showed me I could bring something to people.Since that fateful day in August 2005, the direction has changed some.   No pain, no angst.   Absolutely inspired by the spirit of the people of South Louisiana I’ve tried to express our experience, – the light I’ve seen shining through the dark times. Every once in awhile someone sees the spark and is moved.  I continue to carve, fascinated, inspired by those who insist upon celebrating life!